Port of Cincinnati

Indoor overhead crane

Our Exceptional Port of Cincinnati Capabilities

The Port of Cincinnati (POC) specializes in the loading and unloading of break-bulk materials. POC has the ability to move bagged minerals, palletized goods and steel cargo such as fiat rolled products, long products, wire rod and slabs more economically and efficiently.  As a multi-modal facility, the terminal can off-load from barge to CSXT through an efficient conveyor system. POC can also access the CIND Railroad.

There is approximately 16 acres of outside storage and over 100,000 sq. ft. of inside storage at the POC facility.  Additional space can be made available if required by a customer.

Our Facilities

We have a multi-modal facility with an efficient conveyor system. This allows us to rapidly offload your products from barge to CSXT rail without going to ground.

Additional Services

  • Re-bundling of steel products
  • Repackaging of general cargo
  • Stretch wrapping
  • Railroad car shaker
  • 10-ton indoor overhead crane
  • 2 track mobiles to move rail cars
  • Grapple for scrap loading and unloading
  • Certified ruck scale
  • Truck delivery service using flatbeds, vans, dump trucks, or forklift assisted deliveries if needed.
Delivery truck
Outstanding Service
As a privately held business, we'll put your needs first!

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