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Amazing Terminal Infrastructure

Cincinnati, Ohio is strategically located as a transfer point for various bulk, breakbulk, and general cargo. Being located just west of downtown Cincinnati, CBT is well positioned to handle a variety of products.  Our location allows these products to reach their markets throughout the Midwest.  CBT operates two modern facilities (Cincinnati Bulk Terminals and Port of Cincinnati) with four separate docks and over a mile of river front on the Ohio River.

CBT is a tri-modal facility. We have quick and efficient access to all major highways serving the Midwest and have direct access to CSXT and CIND, a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. The CIND provides a tremendous link between the Ohio River and Canada, and all points in between, including the "automotive capital of the world" Detroit, Michigan. In addition, we are located at mile post 472.1 on the Ohio River, which enables us to assist customers reach markets north and south, including export via the Gulf of Mexico. CBT operates a certified rail scale on the I&O spur and receives daily service. The terminal is located within a mile of interstates I-75, I-71, and is within 5 miles of I-74, which aids in the delivery time to end users.

Whether you need help moving steel coils, wire rod, aluminum, alloys, super sacks, coal, bulk, or breakbulk of any kind, let CBT help you reach your markets.

Coal Sales

CBT has been supplying coal for over 130 years. It provides a unique, turnkey coal distribution operation. The facility's stoker plant is able to size and blend coal to customer's specifications. CBT is not limited to providing only the coal quality and size as provided by the mines. CBT is able to process and blend different coal sources in order to meet specific customer specifications. There are three barge unloading docks and one barge loading dock on site. Total ground storage capacity is 200,000 tons. There are 24 coal silos and dry storage for our customer's needs. The terminal's annual capacity is 1.5 million tons of coal.

Bulk Materials (Metals, Aggregate, etc.)

CBT is permitted to handle a variety of bulk materials including, but not limited to, fertilizers, metals, ores, alloys, aggregate and coke. Our flexible permits allow CBT to handle up to 2 million tons of bulk material a year.  CBT can also receive and load-out materials for shipment by barge. With nearly 50 acres of storage area and our ability to load and unload barge, rail, or trucked materials, CBT provides a unique, turnkey bulk material handling service to its customers.

Heavy Lift Capabilities

CBT has the ability to provide heavy lift capabilities. Cargo can be loaded directly onto truck or moved and loaded onto rail (CSXT or CIND). These are specialized services. Should you be interested in these services please contact one of our sales people for further details.

Bagging Service

CBT operates a state of the art blending and bagging system for various bulk products.  We have added roughly 13,000 square feet of indoor storage for the bagging operation.   Contact our team to discuss how our location on the Ohio River can help deliver your products in bags to the Mid-West.

Additional Services

CBT also provides these other services to our customers:
  • Screening of bulk Products
  • Re-bundling of steel products
  • Repackaging of general cargo
  • Sale of bulk road salt
  • Barge fleeting 
  • Acres of dry storage
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